MINI can go just about anywhere, sitting atop a workbench, lockable MATRIX trolley or DLS 4D.
Secure with electronically locked drawers & bins.  


MINI is the most compact solution in the MATRIX range of automated tool dispensers, offering a wide selection of bin options. Suitable for a variety of cutting tools and related commodities, such as:

  • Cutters, drills, holders and blades
  • Inserts
  • Solid carbide tools
  • Gauges
Storage Options
  • Drawers per cabinet: 1-5
    [depends on drawer heights and quantity of Auto-Locks]
  • Drawer heights (net): 50mm/2”, 75mm/2.9” and 100mm/3.9”
  • Load weight per drawer: up to 20kg/44lb
  • 16 bin sizes
  • 20 drawer options with multiple bin configurations
  • Maximum 96 bins per drawer
  • Auto-Lock mechanism locks bins when the drawer is returned (optional)
  • Cabinet weight varies depending on number of drawers and Auto-Locks:
    4 drawers ~165kg/365lb
  • Cabinet dimensions 860mm/34” (W) x 581mm/23” (D) x 800mm/32” (H)
  • 16 bin sizes
  • Available in 2 versions: TOUCH (stand-alone) and POD (add-on)
  • TOUCH: supplied with PC, 15” touchscreen, UPS (surge protection and power backup), barcode reader, network switch and management software
  • Manual override in case of power failure
  • RFID fingerprint and magnetic card readers are available
  • Network: all versions can connect directly to the LAN. POD can also connect to a TOUCH
  • Electrical supply: 110AC +/-10% 4.6A or 220AC +/-10% 2.2A
  • Cabinet and drawer frames supplied in top-quality industrial grade zinc coated steel
  • Hood and side panels supplied in ABS and bins supplied in PC-ABS
  • All metal, plastic and electronic parts are made from recyclable material
  • External colors: black (RAL9005) and silver (RAL9116)
  • Manufactured under QMS ISO9001-2008
  • CE & UL/CA certified
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